The 10 Best Books for Real Estate Investing

Legendary entrepreneur Tony Robbins popularized this idea that “Success Leaves Clues” (I believe it was Jim Rohn who originally coined this phrase).

In essence it is about learning from those already doing something you want to do. At Alternative Investment Coach we don’t think it is possible to be a truly great real estate investor by reading a book. As with anything in life it takes real practice.

However we do believe that observing those who are already successful will set you on the right path. You can observe traits in their behavior, better understand how they operate and learn to think how they think by studying their thought processes.

This strategy will accelerate your progress towards making successful real estate investments. It can give you the right mindset but it also means you are heading off in the right direction – both of these things can shave in many cases years off of your time to success.

It is vital that you don’t simply mimic the strategies of successful real estate investors, in the majority of cases that won’t get you the results you seek simply because that “me too” strategy can be replicated by anyone with some cash to invest and the $10 for the book.

Apply second-level thinking when you read. Real estate investing isn’t easy, if it was everyone would do it.

Here are our top 10 best books for real estate investing:

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